Natural Pest Controls


Natural Pest Controls

Beneficials: insects, ladybugs, praying mantis eggs, fish, bacteria, etc. 
Shipped worldwide to promote a better world with fewer pesticides.

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Welcome to the Natural Pest Controls web site.

We have been in business since 1971 and currently provide over 1,000 nurseries, garden centers and greenhouses with beneficial insects. Any of these products can be bought or special ordered through most of these nurseries. We specialize in Ladybugs and Praying Mantis Eggs as our two primary products. We have dealers in both the U.S. and Canada. 

 We guarantee that our product will arrive in a healthy condition, three to four days after ordering. We however, do not ship over the weekends in extreme weather, since any beneficial will have a high mortality rate.

We offer both a "dealers" page for our wholesale accounts, and a "product" page for the individual consumer. Our Dealers page is password protected.

We offer beneficals on a year around basis, so one can feel free to order at any time.

If one lives outside the U.S. then the proper customs and import documents must be obtained before shipping. This usually is mandatory, since the Ministry of Agriculture in the arrival country may demand it, and the Department of Agriculture in the United States does demand it.

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